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I am by no means an amazing cook, in fact my partner will have no problem in telling you just that!! I have to say that in our house it is Andy who is the one who can cook well and really enjoys doing so. ME on the other hand, well I try my best. I can’t say that I enjoy cooking – I tend to overcook everything. But I do a lot of cooking, mostly for Ruby. I will only ever post the recipes that work out and taste good on the blog, and maybe even a few of Andy’s recipes.

I can however, bake and I really enjoy it. It’s like a form of therapy. I mentioned in my ‘about me’ blog that I used to bake and decorate cakes all the time for family and friends. It’s not something that I am doing much of as of late, due to the sheer length of time that it takes and of course the expense of it all. But I do still bake treats for Ruby, myself and Andy.

For old times sake, here are a few of the novelty cakes and buns that I have made for family and friends.