One year on – still no closer to saying ‘I do’. 


So this day a year ago I said yes to My wonderful other half Andy. I have already posted a blog post on how the engagement took place, which you can read here. He did a brilliant job and put so much thought and effort into organising everything and to ensure that I would be totally surprised. Which I was! Initially we were straight into planning. We had decided that we would like a wedding abroad, in Lake Garda, Italy. So we both did a tone of research of the general area and fell in love with two spots. Back then we would have assumed that we would have been well into the planning stage, if not close to the big day a year on. But unfortunately life and different things got in the way. We had booked a trip to Lake Garda for February 2017 in order to go and look at some venues, and ultimately to come home with a set wedding date. But unfortunately, due to a mix of the extremely bad weather in the area we were flying to at the time and family illnesses, it never happened. So we decided to put the wedding on the back burner until everyone is recovered from illness and that remains the situation at present. We are hoping to be married within the next two years, but who knows…it could be another 10 years before anything happens! Or we could just go and elope, which I am slightly tempted to do!! But either way, it’ll definitely happen. I’ll keep you updated!

Until the next blog,

The Irish Mammy xx